The summer season is upon us and so is HOBO's all-new summer collection'22. It consists of new trendy designs and vibrant colors that will go perfectly with your summer outfits. With shoes so comfortable and easy to slip on, you can enjoy all your summer activities while looking stylish and feeling comfortable. There's a wide collection of heels, flats, sandals, and even comforts offering an array of styles and colors to be unique while still being sure to make a statement.


Suns out, Funs out! Enjoy your summer parties with vibrant colors, aesthetic designs, and smiles! Glam your beautiful self with HOBO's summer collection'22 which features a wide range of women's shoes. Embrace the summer style fully with our ravishing new designs that will surely light up a spark and glam your feet to the fullest this summer!
Sea Green Formals heels for summer series collection by HOBO

Embrace the warm weather style to the fullest with our ravishing new summer series 'Fashionably Fabulous' that will undoubtedly light up a spark and glam your feet!

As summer is upon us, there are a variety of different styles that you can rock with your sunny season outfits! Without ado, let's discuss the amazing summer collection by HOBO.


If you wear heels this summer at all, choose a block style. These give you additional stability, allowing you to continue your summertime activities in comfort and style. They also come in a wide range of heights and designs to suit your demands. The balance these block heels provide is unreal! Look at how these block heels are perfectly balanced on these rocks!

On the other hand, for a day out, dress up in beautiful block heels like these. Whichever you select, you'll wear this style forever and stand tall!

Beige Block Heels on Rocks from new summer collection by HOBO
White and Golden Block Heels from new summer collection by HOBO

The 'Peep Toe' block heels are rocking with all your fancy dinners or summer weddings. They will surely make you stand out from the crowd and get you compliments for your look!

Summer 2022 is for wearing your biggest, brightest colors in their tallest, chunkiest forms. You can cop a pair of these 'Au Revoir' block heels in your right now and then wear these beauties all summer long.


Look for sandals to enhance your summer shoe game! Depending on the design and style, you can wrap these strappy sandals around your ankle. Everyone will notice your feet right away and comment on how fabulous your shoes are. Wear these ‘Selene’ sandals with a floral dress to ensure that your entire shoe will be visible and to show off your pedicured feet!

Brown Sandals on the Balloon from new summer collection by HOBO
White sandals from new summer series collection by HOBO

Sandals are women's summer shoe par excellence. However, our 'Piccadilly Circus' sandals have that added touch of charm, which distinguishes them from the others. Pair them up this summer for breezy walks.

Another stylish sandal design is these 'Curtain Up' sandals. With a cute little bow on the front, these sandals will make you feel cute and chic all summer. Pair these with a long skirt or a jumpsuit and attend all your summer parties.

Beige straps sandals from new summer series collection by HOBO


This summer, you'll undoubtedly have a lot of social engagements, but that doesn't always lead to wearing fancy heels. Find a stylish pair of flats instead! Many different hues and styles allow you to stand apart while still making a statement. Choose ones with open toes to blend in with the summertime while allowing your feet to still breathe. Numerous fresh designs and styles are included in our new summer collection'22, which will make your clothes shine even more!

Red Color sandals from new summer series collection by HOBO
Buckle Slip-on sandals from new summer collection by HOBO

These double buckle slip-on flats are your go-to shoes for summer. Whenever you're in a hurry or getting late for appointments, put these on and rush! You might be late, but you won't ever be out of style! You can easily pair these 'Suitors' flats with a cute top and skinny jeans for your lunch dates as well.

Another super modish design is these braided flats. With attractive colors contrasting together, these flats can be worn eastern or western depending on your mood for the day. Pair our 'Harriet' flats with your daily outfits and make your grocery runs a trip to remember!

braided flats sandals for summer collection by HOBO
Hazel White Sandals from HOBO with Waliya Najib

Bon Voyage with HOBO:

These flats are not only for style but also functional too! With such a soft insole, these are your best buddies when it comes to traveling! Take it from Waliya, a very famous and renowned blogger who embarked on traveling the world with flats from HOBO!

The chic flats that she's wearing are our 'Hazel' flats. Roaming around in the streets of Spain with a yellow skirt and a sleeveless top, Waliya looks very stunning with our slip-on! They are the perfect combination of street fashion style and comfort!

Whether you're going out on foot or riding a bike to explore new places in a different country, our 'Hazel' flats will surely come in handy. Take a look at Waliya, she looks so casual and chic pairing a pink top and blue jeans with our pearly white slippers!

Hazel White Sandals by HOBO with Waliya Najib
Pink Wedges from new summer collection series by HOBO


Summertime usually implies strappy shoes and heels, but in case you want to combine height with a comfortable and functional shoe, consider putting on a pair of wedges. Give your attire a fun or a formal touch and boost your height without compromising on comfort or fashion. This versatile shoe style gives you a more steady stage to walk on and is culminate in including formal or casual outfits and everything between.

These aesthetic and versatile pairs can be styled with a couple of different options this summer.

These cute pink 'Rosalia' wedges can so flawlessly be styled with skinny blue jeans and a white linen top for a refined look.

Want something fancier and a replacement for heels? These are your go-to then! 'Venus'  wedges can so immaculately be worn for your fancy get-togethers or your casual dinner parties! Pair them with a blue floral dress or a fancy black dress to stand out!

Fancy White heels from new summer collection by HOBO


At the end of the day, you are the master of your style. You decide what summer outfits would you look the best in and shoes that would complement your final attire. Summer is all about embracing new things and breaking out from the normal! Try out different shoe designs that you might have thought to never wear and you know where you can get trendy new designs, bright colors, and aesthetically pleasing shoes? Rush to the stores or visit our online shop with new arrivals sections to feature HOBO's new summer collection'22

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